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Alcatel Voice Communications Solutions

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Voice communications Solutions

Voice communications Solutions

Smart and friendly business telephony
Alcatel OmniPCX Office brings you Alcatel's proven experience in telephony solutions. That way, your business can immediately benefit from the powerful capabilities this innovative solution can deliver. These include:
An advanced call server that improves the greeting you provide to business customers.
DECT mobility, so you can be reached, wherever you are.
Embedded voice mail and personal assistant functions, which handle calls when you are not available to take them.
Screen pop-ups that display a contact card that shows who is calling, so you can provide better customer service.
E-mail notification that alerts you to messages left in your voice mailbox.
High-level telephone services at remote locations for companies with multiple sites that are connected by an IP link.

In short, the Alcatel OmniPCX Office has everything you need, making this smart telephone system the driver of your success.

Key features:
Advanced call server
Integrated call center
IP telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP)
Digital phones
PC telephony
Enterprise mobility(DECT)

A highly advanced call server to covers all your needs
Alcatel OmniPCX Office Call Server provides a state-of-the-art company telephone greeting service for callers. Each Reflexes user is provided with voice mail service and a personal assistant. The sophisticated company-level greeting system has been designed to distinguish between different types of callers. Calls can be routed to pre-defined Reflexes terminals or workgroups. When there is no reply, calls can be diverted to an automatic attendant or to another site. In short, everything is done to make telephones not just smart, but also user friendly.

A Call Center Solution to enhance Customer Relationship management
The Alcatel OmniPCX Office provides an integrated Call Center solution that enables you to provide a professional welcome to callers and distribute calls automatically. The package includes an embedded automatic call distribution (ACD) application, associated with an automated attendant, voice mail and audiotext. The combined solution handles more calls and improves call handling, while offering a complete set of management tools that enables you to ensure a high quality of service and anticipate incoming call flows. Agent activity is optimized through monitoring, statistics and CTI at the agent desktop, improving the efficiency of your human resources.

IP telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP) for easy networking
It surely makes sense to transport voice and data on a single network infrastructure. This approach reduces costly voice calls between sites and simplifies on-site cabling by connecting telephones and PCs to the same cable. Furthermore, whatever the context - headquarters, branch offices, home workers or mobile workers - voice services are consistent. The Alcatel OmniPCX Office call server delivers all this and more. It even provides cost-effective access to traditional voice communication systems (e.g., PSTN, ISDN and analog phones) via the pre-installed Media Gateway. Alcatel's new range of IP phone sets is the right user interface for these IP-based services; they are fully compatible with Alcatel's digital phone sets. A single installation can combine IP telephony and digital telephony, providing the same level of services for each user. This lets you move to IP, whenever you want.

A strong network infrastructure is essential for supporting data communications. The network makes it possible to share information, peripherals, workgroup applications, Internet access, e-mail, intranet server, etc. The network can also support your voice communications over IP. Alcatel OmniPCX Office brings you this solid infrastructure through integrated LAN (local area network) switches that connect PCs, servers and IP phones. The system is easy to manage because it is a native IP PBX that supports IP telephony and VoIP; moreover, it uses DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to automatically allocate IP addresses.

For small and medium-sized companies, the Alcatel OmniPCX Office is thus the perfect solution for voice and data convergence.

Digital phones: the right user interface
Alcatel Reflexes is a complete range of digital phones that are designed to make communications more efficient. To build these terminals, Alcatel combined leading-edge telephones, computer components, IP technology (e-Reflexes range) and our unrivaled experience in creating ergonomic user interfaces. The result is a range of phones that feature easy-to-use functions, whose common goal is to boost productivity, while reducing the cost of installation, training and support. Reflexes phones offer unmatched installation flexibility, through Alcatel's unique range of plugware options. For example, the multi-Reflexes interface makes easy to add a Reflexes set to your system by connecting it to an exiting Reflexes, without running a new cable. These connectors transform Reflexes telephones into IP or DECT desktop phones. Using Alcatel's plugware, other communications tools (such as analog and ISDN devices and Reflexes terminals) can be linked to a Reflexes telephone.

PC telephony: the solution for customer care
PIMphony for Alcatel OmniPCX Office is a Personal Communication Manager that links two of the most widely used business tools - desktop computers and telephones - to provide a powerful, user-friendly phone assistant that manages everyday phone tasks. PIMphony offers a complete set of phone services, including call logging, voice mail and set monitoring, which are continuously available on the PC, regardless of any other applications that may be running.
Furthermore, company contact databases are integrated with PIMphony to provide optimal service. PIMphony improves customer interaction and services, increases personal and team productivity and optimizes your Alcatel OmniPCX Office investment by adding a new dimension to phone services.

Enterprise Mobility (DECT)
Mobility in communications is a vital element for success in today's business environment. Mobility within the company is the key to greater staff efficiency and heightened customer satisfaction. The Alcatel Mobile Reflexes range provides all the advantages of Alcatel OmniPCX Office on a cordless handset. In addition, a number of new features - improved ergonomics, a large graphic display, an integrated loudspeaker and a headset connection - have been built into the handset to make it more convenient and easier to use.

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