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ITS Telecom CGW-T
Analogue GSM Gateways
Analogue GSM Gateways Connect a standard telephone and make GSM Calls via your desk phone. or connect to an analogue trunk/line port on your PBX to route your outgoing office to mobile traffic at Mobile to Mobile rates to save on call costs. GSM FCT Gateways stocks a wide range of analogue gateways including:- Basic Gateways - Single port, (1 Sim) up to 8 port (8 sim) units Automatic Route Selection Gateways - Connects to your landline and automatically routes your calls via the most cost effective route landline or GSM. Follow me Gateways - Divert your incoming landline calls to your mobile using a follow me gateway, much less expensive than landline call forwarding services.


ITS CGW-T One of our most popular gateway for business users, very high quality manufacturer with excellent reliability, easy to install LCD display show network connected to, signal strength and digits dialled.
The Ericsson – G36 terminal – is the natural choice for the small office communication needs. It offers businesses a highly cost efficient and flexible solution utilizing an existing GSM network. Especially in locations that lack fixed communication infrastructure. This state-of-the-art GSM terminal with integrated design for high quality and performance support the latest deployed communication standards. The G36 terminal offers voice, data and fax capabilities and PBX connectivity that enables substantial cost savings by turning fixed-to-mobile into mobile-to-mobile calls.
ITS Telecom CGW-T4 High quality 4 SIM GSM Gateway ideal for connecting to analogue trunk ports on a PABX.
WT-208 Rack Mountable 8 sim gateway, antenna combined, so only one antenna, this unit has eight separate GSM Modules, ideal for connecting to PBX systems.




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