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Burnside T910 Follow me
Burnside T910 Follow Me Gateway
Burnside Telecom is a designer and manufacturer of innovative fixed cellular terminals for voice, SMS text, internet/e-mail access, cellular/landline routing and remote telemetry sensing and control. Its range of fixed cellular terminals are now in use in 19 countries through out the world. Customers include government departments, local authorities and multi-national companies. Burnside's founder David Robson is the first winner of the GRIST Award [Great Ideas in Science and Technology] granted by the University of Surrey.


D900 FCT
The D900 is an entry level dual band 900/1800 MHz FCT suitable for use in reducing the cost of calls from landline phones or PBXs to mobile phones or for providing complete communications in locations without landlines. SMS text messages can be composed, sent or received using any type of connected corded or cordless phone. The D900 includes a GPRS modem capable of accessing the Internet at speeds up to 86Kbps. PC communications are via a serial RS232 connector. The location of GPS receivers connected to the serial port can be determined remotely by SMS text. Remote monitoring and control of attached equipment is provided by two I/O channels.

T900 FCT
The T900 FCT is a triband version of the D900 providing communications at 900/1800/1900 MHz. It provides all* of the features of the D900 with the following differences:
  • A transflective display for use in high ambient lighting conditions.
  • USB 2 replaces Serial RS232 communications.
  • An optional internal uninterruptible power supply providing 24/4 hours standby/talk time.
  • A user programmable call limit timer for use in community call shops.
  • An inclusive call minute timer warns users that limit has been reached and can automatically turn FCT off.
T910 FCT
This T910 has in addition to connection to GSM networks an outlet to PSTN landline networks. This provides the following features:
  • Cuts the cost of calls by automatically routing calls to mobiles via the mobile network and calls to landline phones via the landline network. Ideal for use with PBXs that are incapable of auto routing calls.
  • Incoming calls on landline are automatically forwarded to remote mobiles providing a Follow Me stay in touch at all times service for teleworkers.
  • Using new sharing tariffs from the networks calls can be forwarded to mobiles at no incremental cost to owner.
  • Incoming callers on landline can direct their calls to one of a number of remote phone destinations providing a professional and efficient call handling for the smallest of businesses.
follow me diagram

Models working on 850/1800/1900 Mhz are also available see below.

Model Bands Landline Display PC Port Int UPS Option
D900 900/1800 No Non Transflective Serial RS232 No
T900 900/1800/1900 No Transflective USB Yes
T910 900/1800/1900 Yes Transflective USB Yes
T920 850/1800/1900 No Transflective USB Yes
T930 850/1800/1900 Yes Transflective USB Yes




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