by the PBX. SmartGate enables all LAN users to send and receive SMS with a 2N network application – the SMS server. The delivery status of any message can be obtained automatically. The GPRS connection enables e-mail communication and Internet browsing. It is often used as a back-up Internet connection for small offices, or as a primary Internet connection on boats or in distant areas. There is a universal input in the gateway (see the green connector in the picture) allowing to send predefined SMS after activation by an external signal. This analog GSM gateway can also be supplied from any 12V battery, which makes the device fully mobile. SmartGate can be installed within a few minutes and its installation requires no special technical skills. Special features: GGMC – GSM Gateway Monitoring Centre

Automatic SMS in case of low SIM card credit

2N SmartGate

Installations with PBX Installation on a PSTN line