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ITS-Telecom GSM Gateways
ITS - Telecom GSM Gateways
ITS Telecom is a leading company with 14 years of experience and an expanding global network of committed distributors and OEM partners that reaches more than 45 countries with on-site services and technical support. ITS provide a comprehensive range of business communications solutions that combine top-quality technologies, excellent performance, and solid reliability with competitive prices. ITS develop, manufacture, and market a wide range of proven, feature-rich products that integrate seamlessly with business applications and processes and make the perfect fit for existing PBX and IP PBX systems. We are driven by the desire to become a trusted partner who anticipates and fulfills the needs of our customers, ranging from SOHO and SME up to large enterprises.


Product Range
Our Best Selling Gateway The CGW-T Cellular Gateway is compatible with the analog trunk interface of the PBX and let you make cellular calls from your telephone system, eliminating unnecessary interconnection fees to your landline carrier.

The CGW-T gateway comes with built-in LCD to indicate signal strength, operational status and cellular operator name to simplify maintenance.
ITS Telecom CGW-D Follow me universal analog gateway can be installed on regular phone lines in your small or home office. That means that you can plug in a standard analog telephone and call directly to the PSTN and GSM network. No additional equipment is needed.
The CGW-I is a ISDN-BRI Cellular Gateway that lets you call cellular numbers from your ISDN telephone system, benefiting from low business tariffs, bypassing your landline carrier and eliminating interconnection fees.

The CGW-I is your transparent and low cost solution for calls to GSM mobile phones.

The CGW-T4 is an analog gateway with up to four separate channels, an ideal solution for small businesses that need to manage at least four concurrent calls with up to four different service providers.

The CGW-T4 can be connected to the PBX analog trunk or directly to four different phones for offices without a PBX. In both cases, its simple plug and play installation means it can be up and running in a matter of minutes. The CGW-T4 comes with four informative LCD displays.

The CGW- VIP is an advanced Cellular-to-VoIP gateway. Unique by its pure-IP and fully managed platform specifically designed to handle both voice and managed data traffic, with the ability to ensure priority and quality of service for voice calls.

The CGW-VIP has several connectivity options and many useful applications. It suits perfectly to offices with an IP-PBX as a cost saving Cellular-to-VoIP and VoIP-to-Cellular Gateway. And it can be used to establish a virtual private voice network between branches with toll-free calls.

The CGW-P ISDN-PRI Gateway is a scalable, high performance, and multifuntional system, designed for carrier networks and corporate businesses with tremendous fixed-to-mobile and mobile-to-fixed traffic.
The CGW-PX offers an integrated solution combining the proven capabilities of our CGW-P flagship solution together with a powerful VoIP Gateway. The solution offers a quadric connection from fixed-to-mobile and to IP via the office PBX. Through the PRI connection, corporations can now make VoIP calls from their mobile phones and vice versa, calls from office extension to mobiles or VoIP calls.
Connecto, a cutting edge appliance for 3/3.5G/4G wireless communication, bundles a wide range of services into one integrated solution. Connecto blends an embedded IP PBX, Data Router, and FMC (Fixed-Mobile-Convergence) gateway with WiFi access points - delivering enhanced business productivity and reduced costs. Now, a single unified IP environment provides seamless handover of voice and data between VoIP, PSTN, WiFi, and cellular networks.





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